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Guest Post: Caregiver’s Guide to Assisted Living Options

By Lydia Chan Alzheimer’s Caregiver | There are some conversations and decisions in life that are almost too much to handle. For family caregivers, deciding when to move a senior into assisted living and how to approach the topic definitely tops the list of stressful life transitions. However, moving […]

Death is not the end.

“Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.”    ~ Ambrose Bierce

When Heirs Cry: If Prince died without a Will or trust, what will happen to his estate?

Unfortunately, according to Prince’s sister, Prince may have died without a Will or trust.  His estate has been estimated at between $150-$300 million.  If Prince did pass away without a Will or trust (i.e., without an estate plan), what will happen to his estate (i.e., his assets and debts)?  Prince’s estate will have to go through probate court […]

Do I need a trust even if I can’t afford (or don’t want) a shell company in Panama?

Congrats if you weren’t named in the Panama Papers! Although a trust was used to help some people minimize (or evade) taxes in Panama, there are many types of trusts, almost all of which are more legitimate and less shady than the offshore trust in Panama.  There are dozens of websites touting the benefits […]