Whitney Mediation & Legal Counsel, LLC


Estate Planning & Business Law 

“You were so helpful to us last week.  You made some difficult decision seem easier than I anticipated and I felt like heavy burdens were lifted from our shoulders.”  – Bill & Midge Streeter

“Denton was very compassionate and patient with us in a most difficult, emotional time after a very tragic family event. He presented scenarios and information for us to weigh and made sure we understood every step we took.  He continues to keep in touch and has offered other services appropriate for our stages in life.”  – Anonymous

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“Everything laid out simply; questions answered quickly; very clear on the different options.  Gave us a complete family trust solution; educated us on the consequences of trusts (and the lack of a trust).”  – Darren Roulstone

“Very cost effective and efficient.  [V]ery thorough in his analysis.”  – Tom Kiehl

“His knowledge and ability to explain things in layman’s terms.  [W]e kept putting off doing our wills and trust until we got started with Denton. He has kept us in line with the the time frames needed to accomplish each task.”  – Marsha and John Moore

“Flexibility of schedule, genuine desire to help get estate planning done; flexibility in payment plan, persistent (because we asked him to be) about scheduling meetings.”  -Anonymous

“It’s working with a close friend in whom I have complete trust and that he would do nothing that is not in my best interest. I have confidence that he has excellent knowledge regarding trusts and will help me do all the things I need to do.”  – Dickson Call

[The best aspect of working with Denton was his] “ability to be fearlessly honest and upfront.”  – Anonymous

“Overall approach that balanced understanding and compassion with sound legal advice and situational suggestions. It was also a very convenient and easy process from the customer’s perspective. [The services solved our problem by] “providing exceptional and thoughtful customer service.”  – Anonymous

“Denton treated me with respect and I felt like the information I shared with him would stay confidential, even though we have many mutual friends. I have never heard him share information about other clients with me, although there was ample opportunity for him to do this.”  – Anonymous

“We would like to provide constructive advice but remain challenged finding a flaw.”  – Anonymous

“I have no suggestions for improving your services.”  – Dickson Call

“How does one improve the best?”  – Anonymous

Negotiation & Conflict Management Training 

“This is by far the most practically useful and applicable to real life of any of the courses in the MBA program. I guarantee that I will continue to use the skills learned throughout the rest of my life. . . .  Now, I think in the language of negotiations, and I can see those dynamics and mechanisms at work all the time.”  – MBA Student

“Real life application is extremely important to me and very relevant in this class. Learned a lot of important things that can be used in ‘literally’ everyday life.”  – MBA Student

“Encourages class involvement, uses different mediums for learning.”  – MBA Student

“He is enthusiastic, has a clear understanding of the subject, and enjoys interacting with the class and teaching.”  – MBA Student

“Knowledge of the subject matter.”  – MBA Student

“Extremely knowledgeable about negotiation/communication and the ideas, theory and practices associated with the topic.”  – MBA Student