Whitney Mediation & Legal Counsel, LLC

Mission And Philosophy

Mastering Your Legacy

“Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

Although many people consider their property and possessions to be the extent of their legacy, at Whitney Concord, we recognize that a rich legacy means so much more than simply leaving things to others.  It means leaving your most important possessions–your values, your personal experiences, your life-lessons, your love, your talents, and memories of you–to those you care about most. Daily actions shape your legacy, and resolving disputes, managing business, and living an admirable life all contribute to the richness of your legacy.

A rich legacy is built through careful planning, and our mission is to help clients master their legacies. Whether through estate planning and elder law, trust and probate administration, business formation and contract law, or mediation and dispute resolution, we are invested in helping people master their own legacies.

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At Whitney Concord, principles of completion, conflict management, and connection guide us. We strive to help clients realize their goals and follow through on their plans. The process of planning a legacy can be complicated, and we engage in conflict management practices to mediate disputes as they arise, as well as applying this principle in every area of our practice. We create connections with our clients and help them master their legacies by more meaningfully connecting them with others–family and loved ones, as well as business associates and individuals who must come to some agreement to create the greatest tangible and intangible value clients can receive.